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Food experience: A land of cheese and cold cuts.

The soppressata is a typical cold cut of Irpinia. It is produced by farmers who follow the traditional smoking with oak wood, which gives to the cold cut a fragrant perfume. The dairy production is typical in the area of Terminio and Partenio. Among the most well-known cheeses there are the pecorino of Bagnoli, from the traditional sheeps of Bagnoli; the pecorino of lauticada, obtained by sheeps of a particular race; and finally the most important one, the pecorino of Carmasciano.
The Carmasciano is granular and friable, its flavour is slightly spicy and herbaceous, recalling the nourishment of pastures. All these characteristics convey to this cheese a cherished and unique quality. Carmasciano is an enogastronomic excellence of a small village in the hinterland of Irpinia, symbol of cheese. Moreover, really close to Carmasciano there’s Mefite, a depression with boiling water; a small volcano of mud which emits fumes and therefore described as the hell’s gateway in the Aeneid of Virgilio.
Among all those gourmet cheeses there’s also the caciocavallo of Irpinia, made with mixed milk and the caciocavallo podolico, obtained exclusively by cows of this particular race called podolica; the caciocavallo silano DOP, the most wide-spread in Irpinia, is different from the podolico because of its cow’s milk, mixed with podolica milk.
On the Piana del Dragone, an area of the hinterland, the production of mozzarella concentrates. Milk is here particularly fine.
Among the whole dairy production we can also find the so called “formaggio ‘mbriaco” (drunk cheese) because of its aging in the (grape) pomace.

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