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Enological paths: The great wines of irpinia.

Taurasi (DOCG from 1993) is getted from the grape variety of Aglianico at 100%, or 70% with the addition of red grapes. This ruby wine has a distinct scent of black cherries, red berries and violets; it is well-balanced, with a big, opulent and aromatic flavour. It’s perfect for red meat, game and ripened cheese.
The grape varieties of Taurasi grow on upland areas (350-500 meters above sea level) together with olive and chestnut trees. It is produced in 17 villages in the area of Avellino, the most important being Taurasi, where the Enologic Fair takes place during the festivity of August 15.
Taurasi is also characterized by a long maturation, a great attention to the vinification and aging. It requires 3 years of aging in oak barrels.
Greco di Tufo is getted from the grapes of an ancient greek variety called Aminea Gemina.
It is one of the most ancient white grapes of South Italy. It arrived in Italy during the greek colonisation, probably coming from the region of Thessaly. It has spread first in the area of Vesuvio, then in the internal areas of Avellino, where it found a more suitable habitat, thanks to the volcanic soil and the cool, continental climate. It is a wine that matures late, it is usually harvested around the middle of October and the wine itself is produced with great attention, in order to prevent the risk of oxidation.
Greco di Tufo has a straw yellow color, with a fruit forward, high-mineral bouquet. It has a finish that slightly recalls almonds. Thanks to its structure and acidity, it is good for long aging.
This wine is produced in a narrow area of eight villages, among them there is the ancient village of Tufo, where a festival dedicated to wine and art takes place each year, during August and it is specifically dedicated to this excellence of Irpinia.
Fiano di Avellino (DOCG 2003) is one of the most important and famous white wines of South Italy. Together with Greco di Tufo and Falanghina, it represents one of the excellences of Campania. During the centuries, the Fiano has finally found is natural habitat in Irpinia. It is a grape variety that prefers hilly areas – also high and steep areas – a cool and windy climate with a big day/night temperature variation. These conditions are necessary for the gradual maturation of these grapes with an intense and rich bouquet. These vineyards are cultivated in a natural habitat still wooded, which contributes to create a particular ecosystem suitable for this type of grape. The formerly volcaninc soil is now rich in minerals, providing all the essential nourishment for the plants and giving it its unique characteristics.
Following the production of the Fiano di Avellino, we are brought in 26 villages in the area of Avellino, among which Avellino itself.

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