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About Us

Irpinia Wine Trails is an enotourism project dedicated to winelovers from all over the world.
The idea was born 4 years ago, in a cold winter evening, when one of the founders, Maria Luisa D’Urso noticed how the request for food and wine experiences in Italy, by foreign and Italian tourists, had grown.
The growth of tourism in the geographical areas of interest, such as Tuscany, Franciacorta, Piedmont, Veneto seemed to bring with it a desire for redemption of the green and less fortunate, touristically, Irpinia.
Ipinia, always a land of great white and red wines, has been a less fortunate destination and chosen by slow mass tourism, because it is less communicated.
IWT aims to communicate and make known the excellence of the territory of Irpinia to all those tourists who want to spend holidays that leave an unforgettable memory for the emotions and sensations experienced.

Maria Luisa D’Urso

For years he has worked in the world of digital marketing and eCommerce. Passionate about wine, professional Onav tasters, she loves her land and for this reason she wanted to dedicate a project that wants to be a choral design to improve the visibility of the entire Irpinian territory.

Antonello De Vito

Logistics and organization expert. He is the deus ex machina of the project. The one who supports the threads and maintains relationships with all suppliers.
Wine expert because producer of quality Aglianico himself, he loves his land, even if his work keeps him away from his rural roots.

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